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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making Memories at the Dive In Movie Night

Summer fun and summer memories are made in the swimming pool.  Either at summer camp or in your parents or friends pool you can recall many "firsts".   The first time you went  "all the way under" the water, the first time you jumped in the deep end, the first time you swam from one end to the other of the pool are just a few.  Remember how much fun and excitement it was to swim at night with your friends?  Playing Marco Polo?  Not only are these still done but now many families are starting "Dive In Movie Night" to create summer memories.  Dive In Movie Night has been used by many community pools as an additional program to their aquatic offerings.  As we invest in our backyards with sound systems and movies available on laptops or Netflix all you need is a screen and a projector.  Fill up the rafts and fire up the grill.

Computer projectors are used by us in many types of business and are available to rent.  Screens can be purchased at yard sales or may be in Grandpa's attic. Camp Chef has an outdoor screen and there is a Gemmy inflatable screen in various cost from under $200.  Some cities have outdoor movie rental companies for your large event or function.  Use your imagination for various themes such as Classic Films that may require a home made bathing cap and entrance to pool like Esther Williams or Caddy Shack where yes...Baby Ruths are the appetizer of the night.  Make it fun...make the memories.

Dive In Movie Nights are like the old fashioned Drive In's but much more fun...

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