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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot Tubs Demand More Than Swimming Pool

Hot Tub Demands More Than Pool

     Imagine a sixteen by thirty two foot, home residential swimming pool with a family of four and their five friends in the pool of approximately twenty thousand gallons.  Then imagine them all getting out and entering a five hundred gallon hot tub with heated water.  You have the same amount of people and wastes in forty times less the amount of water. 

      When using a hot tub there are guidelines that should be observed to protect your health and safety.  Due to the nature of the high temperature of the water, small area of vessel, lesser depth and the increased velocity of water and air the spa is much more demanding.

     Water chemistry and sanitizer levels are more easily changed with the smaller volume of water in relation to the bodies entering the spa water.  Sanitizers not only dissipate quicker in the warmer water but also have a larger demand due to the sweat and urine introduced.  The pH can change with the introduction of air and bodies as well.   This pH change can also have an effect on the rate of sanitizing kill time.  A swimming pool generally requires lower sanitizer levels as sanitizer can be replaced in the normal turnover cycle.  Also, the dilution of wastes in the larger amount of water along with cooler temperatures does not allow bacteria growth as quickly as a heated spa.  However, if the pool is heated you will see an increase in the demand of sanitizer as well.

     Filtration is a crucial part in water clarity and removal of wastes in both the spa and pool.  Spas require a turnover of approximately once every thirty minutes as opposed to a commercial pool of one turnover every four hours.  To accomplish the need for better filtration it is recommended to use a cartridge filter on a spa.  Many commercial swimming pools use sand filters although depending on the facility this is becoming a thing of the past due to energy concerns and the quest for better water clarity.  The cartridge filter allows a finer micron to be filtered out with one turnover.  Also the square footage on a cartridge filter is much greater than a sand filter can offer to accommodate the increase in dirt removal.  Even with the offering of glass media which would prevent the clay formation of sand in hot water, the square footage and large micron removal makes a sand filter unsuitable for spas.  

     Spas can build total dissolved solids quicker than a swimming pool.  A spa should be drained and thoroughly cleaned often.  This includes the filter to be chemically cleaned.  Total dissolved solids can inhibit the way sanitizers work in the spa and also cause cloudy water.  Swimming pools are rarely drained and can be diluted to help compensate for an increase of dissolved solids.  Also a swimming pool can change the type of sanitizer being used to slow down the increase of solids.

     Both swimming pools and hot tubs alike have the same need for submerged suction safety.  Neither should be allowed to operate with a drain cover missing or broken.  Inspection for entrapment is equally important.

     With the hot water of the spa it is also important that the user’s health be taken into account.  People with heart problem history, users of prescription drugs and people with high blood pressure need to consult with their doctor before using.  It is not recommended for pregnant women or children to use hot water spas. Spas can be highly therapeutic for others.  However, swimming is recommended for all people.  It is one of the best forms of exercise and enjoyment for a wide range of people.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes a Green Pool is Good

Green Pools

Do you want a green pool? Well that all depends on what kind of green. We can help you with all kinds of green in and for your pool.
Many people this time of year open with a green pool that is the yucky, uninviting type. Other people open their pool wondering how they can reduce energy costs without losing efficiency. With over forty years experience we have found products to achieve excellent results. None of this is new to us. We have been installing energy efficient systems since the mid eighties and helping pools get up and running since the late sixties.

This year we are thrilled to have a product that we have been testing for the past year, Pool Rescue. This product is a strong non chlorine oxidizer in powder form that will clear the most nasty pool. It also will float to the top of the pool for easy removal all the old leaves and algae clumps. When the pool clears we then perform a test to determine exactly how much chlorine is needed to get your pool to swimming condition. We like this because it is easy, there is no guess work, proven results and saves money. Also there is no bleaching to painted or vinyl surfaces.

Want to save 98% energy costs on your pool pump? We have a large selection of variable speed pumps that do just that. Although we have been using 2-speed pumps since 1985 and have reduced costs to as little as $25 a month to run a 1.5 hp pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; the new variable speed pumps save even more. We offer variable speed and variable flow. Using a filter that requires only .17 gallons flow to operate (yes there is a (.) decimal point there) instead of 20 gallons flow to operate such as sand filter you need less pump (less energy) to get greater filtration. The new filters also are more user friendly. If you have had or heard of a cartridge filter that gets clogged all the time and is a maintenance nightmare it usually is because the pump has been sized incorrectly.
Hampstead Pool also carries two complete lines of all natural products to treat your pool. Natural Chemistry has been the leader for many years in phosphate (algae food) removal with their unique enzyme products. They have expanded to products that are phosphate free as well and all natural. I've been told you could drink the product but I have rules against that and so does the EPA. We also carry Sea Klear products which have been using crab shell by products for decades to become the best clarifier without using polymers (polymers can cloud a pool if too much is used). Sea Klear has also expanded their line of products to phosphate removers, tile cleaners, metal removers and such.

Come see us or give us a call and let us help you become more or less green this year!

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Choose Your Pool Builder Wisely

Choose Wisely and Have No Regrets Later.

So many times I have customers come to our retail store and say, "I wish I knew about you before I bought." or "I have spent more money fixing my pool from the original installation." There are a few steps you can take to assure that your investment is a quality purchase.

First of all choose a contractor that holds a valid NC Contractors license. For swimming pools it may be a General contractors license with a swimming pool endorsement or a Swimming Pool Contractors license. You can go to and search for the company (assets of company qualify for licensing) or the individual (personal assets used for qualification). Usually when a company name is the contractor is has a qualifier and is usually a larger company that has been in business for a longer period of time. In our fragile economy where there are business' going out everyday it is imperative to use a contractor regardless if the total of items purchased (pool, deck, etc. from one company totals) are $30,000 or above. The reason is that if the contractor goes out of business during your pool installation or runs into problems that are above his expertise such as ground water and leaves you with a large hole in your backyard you can turn to the NC Homeowners Recovery Fund if you have signed with a NC Licensed contractor. If you did not then it is up to you, your money and your lawyer if they have any assets to levy against.

Second of all check to see if they belong to their trade organization. Many times belonging to a trade organization will come with a set of ethics they must abide by. Reporting of problems to the trade organization will bring harsh actions against the company. A respectful company has a set of ethics regardless and does not transgress those. Also they are more likely to have up to date information regarding their trade. With all the new technology in pool treatment and energy efficiency your professional pool installer will know how to save you money and work. The old way may not be the best way anymore. Being a trade member they will also be updated on codes locally and nationally. This could save many headaches with approvals and building inspections.

Check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) listing. Be sure to look at the volume of business they do in relation to any complaints. Look to see if the complaints are of administrative nature (billing) or having to do with a repair or an actual installation. Large companies will more than likely have more administrative or scheduling conflicts. Did the company try to resolve the problem?

Visit their place of business. Is this a company that looks reputable and has a stable office location or do they work out of their home? Do they offer just installation or service what they sell? Can they test your water or do they refer you to someone else? Do they offer other pool services.

Ask how long their employees have been with them or do they use sub-contractors. BE SURE TO ASK IF THEY AND THEIR SUB-CONTRACTORS CARRY LIABILITY AND WORKMANS COMPENSATION. If someone gets hurt on your property and they do not carry insurance you could be liable. Ask for a certificate of verification. This is a normal business request.

Be sure to speak to references and go see some of their other work. Ask if the pictures on their website are theirs and can you see those pools or talk to those owners. Many times pirated pictures are used on websites. Ask if you can talk to a customer they had a problem with so you can see how they handled it. Remember that this is construction and if you hear of no problems then something is not true.

Just a few moments of your time can save you years of misery. Remember, "It is wise not to pay too much, but foolish to pay to little."
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