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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Ground Swimming Pool Hurricane & Storm Preparedness

In Ground Swimming Pool Hurricane & Storm Preparedness
Before the Storm:
1.)   Secure the pool area.  Skimmer lids need to be removed and stored inside or screwed down so they do not become a projectile.  Patio furniture, grills etc. need to be properly stored.  DO NOT PUT FURNITURE  IN  VINYL SWIMMING POOL  OR GEL COATED FIBERGLASS POOLS.  You could puncture a vinyl pool or scrape a gel coated pool.  Glass table tops must be stored with care.  Broken glass cannot be easily (if at all) seen in pool water.
2.)    Chemically treat swimming pools.  Pool water can be used after a storm for flushing toilets and other non potable uses.
Double shock pool according to package directions.
Add an initial dose of Algaecide.
3.)   DO NOT DRAIN POOL WATER LEVEL DOWN.  Underground water will occur regardless of where the rain falls.  The pool water overflowing will not produce an effect different from rain falling.  A concrete deck will not discourage underground water.  Therefore it is imperative to keep as much water in the pool not only during storm but for a week or more after the rain event.  Ground water drains to pre storm levels slowly.  Vinyl liners may “float” during this time but water in the pool will help keep the surface under the liner in place.  Check with your pool professional before draining of a pool at any time as this may void your warranty and cause serious structural problems.
4.)  Prepare deck area.  Clean out deck drains by removing the top plate and flush the drainage pipes.  Rake back any mulch or grass that would inhibit water from running off of deck area.
5.)    Manually turn pool electrical breaker to the “off” position.  If you lose power during the storm you do not want this (or any electrical circuits) on when power is restored to cause a “surge”.
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